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Manufacturer’s bring ideas to life, combining raw materials to create products greater than the sum of their parts. And at ManufApp, our vision is a world where they love the software they use as much as the products they make.

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Manufapp is building an amazing team of highly qualified and motivated individuals

Apar Sureka

Chief Executive Officer

Jaideep Sengupta

Cheif Revenue Officer

Sameer Agarwal


Abhinav Chaturvedi


Abhinav Kaul

AI Developer

Rashamdeep Singh

Business Development Manager

Love Dhimaan

FE Developer

Ayush Mishra

FE Developer

Chandan Bisht

FE Developer

Geetanjali Takkar

Digital Marketer


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Our Advisors

Pankaj Dewan

Puneet Mittal

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