Decoding Manufapp’s Mission Statement

At Manufapp, our mission is to transform factories to make them efficient, profitable and an exciting place to work through digital transformation.

A company’s mission statement lays out a sense of purpose among its employees and shareholders. It is like the guiding force, that constantly reminds the direction in which every effort of the company must go.

Some of the key elements of Manufapp’s mission are:

Our Area of Focus is Factories

Inside factories, there are 4Ms that are the most crucial – Men, Method, Machine and Material. Efficient planning and utilization of these 4Ms is essential for smooth functioning of the factory. The interplay of these 4Ms is complex and getting a clear picture of these entities is helpful to the manufacturer.

We want to make Factories, More Efficient

A factory is a very dynamic place with fluctuations in demand & supply, changing customer needs, advancement of technology. All these lead to slow creep of inefficiencies in the system, showing up in increased inventory in various stages, wasteful manpower expenditures, blocking of huge capital, poor quality, falling service levels, customer churns etc.

Manufapp wants to make running a factory a systematics process where the owner is always in control and inefficiencies go down.

We want to make Factories, More Profitable

Not just making factories efficient, we want to impact the bottom line of the manufacturing company. In today’s world, on one hand, there are big Raw Material suppliers and on the other hand there are big Consumer Brands.

Both sides, squeeze margins from the entire supply chain forcing lakhs of manufacturers in-between to work  on wafer thin margins. Improvement in efficiencies should lead to increase in profits  and help manufacturers get the right return on investment.

We want to make Factories, an Exciting Place to Work

Today’s youth wants to avoid joining the manufacturing industry because it is looked upon as a dull, laborious and tough place to work. Industries like Hospitality, Travel. Commerce, Education are getting transformed. People working in these industries have new tools laden with analytics to take decisions.

Manufapp wants to bring the same change in manufacturing, where every individual is able to contribute more with the right information, making the whole experience more exciting.

We want to Digitally Transform the Factories

A Factory generates more Data than  any other industry  – Machine parameters – temperature, pressure, humidity, utilization, manpower data, material, inventory, quality data etc.

Manufapp’s core capability lies in its technology competency and its capability in assimilating all these data points, creating efficient work flows and generating insights.

Manufapp acts like the brain of the factory that receives information from its nerves, interprets and recommends what is necessary.