Setup Intelligent Monitoring System in your Factory with just your CCTV System

Running a factory is a very complex process. The process requires continuous monitoring of machines, management of people and their movement, tracking production, optimizing inventory, improving quality and maintenance etc. To manage the operations an owner has to deal with a lot of systems, people, reports, data on daily basis. This data overload often delays insight-based decision making on part of the decision makers. Here the Intelligent Monitoring System provides a technological solution that leverages advanced analytics, machine learning, and data processing techniques to monitor and analyze various parameters, events, or processes in real-time.

So, to aid themselves the factory owners put in multiple systems like CCTV, IoTs, supervisors etc. who are expected to be their eyes and ears. However, these counter measures are either passive or aren’t real time and are prone to errors and delays.

Thus the need of the hour is to move to smarter way of running the factory using the latest technologies available in the market. With maturity of technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, for instance one can convert or upgrade their CCTV system into an intelligent engine, which can convert analog video feed into data, which can be analyzed and we can retrieve intelligence from this information, without constant eyeing the video feed.

One such solution developed by Manufapp is Intelligent Monitoring System which uses the existing CCTV system to generate real-time feed from all machines. This feed is then processed at Manufapp’s application to give convert this raw feed into intelligent information making your factory smarter.

Manufapp trains the system with the feed being generated by the CCTV camera using Machine Learning, to understand the deviations from a normal running. Once this is done, the system uses Artificial Intelligence to detect smallest of deviations, which may not be visible with naked eye to create alert for the owner to take immediate steps. All this is done in real-time basis, which helps the owners to save on the precious time lost otherwise.

Benefits of Intelligent Monitoring System

  • Gives utilization factor of machines
  • Provides actual cycle time and provide deviation alerts
  • Detects machine outages
  • Observes shift changeovers
  • Tracks efficiency

Features of Manufapp IMS are

  • Real-time monitoring through a Mobile app
  • Worker and Machine wise efficiency
  • Get machine KPIs
  • Detect Human activity & inactivity at any time
  • Set alerts for key Thresholds
  • Configurable reports
  • Single app for multiple sites
  • Integrate with IoT sensors
  • Works with any machine with visible motion
  • Easy to install commission without taking Machines off-line

All these comes at the cost of a simple CCTV installation at any factory.

Start the journey of Smart Manufacturing with Manufapp.