Managing Inventory Flow for an SMT Line

Managing Inventory Flow for an SMT Line   SMT Lines is a high throughput, most modern means of Electronic Component production. These are kind of pick-and-place machines that place a large number of electronic components on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB).  Our Customer Profile: A large Japanese Electronic component manufacturer primarily supplying to the automotive […]

Manufacturing ERP for Refractory Manufacturers

Manufacturing ERP for Refractory Manufacturers Refractory manufacturers produce a wide range of insulating, abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant refractories, ranging from firebricks, insulating refractories to a wide variety of high alumina, silica, basic and speciality refractories to cater to the diverse needs of the user industries. Any manufacturing ERP focusing on this sector needs to take care [...]

Smart Tool Life Tracker

Smart Tool Life Tracker Use Case: Providing a” Smart Tool Life” Tracker to help monitor the residual life of Tools.   Customer Profile: Continuous, Discrete Manufacturer using Automated machines that require different tools to manufacture different products.   Challenge: Customer was facing problems on product quality, machine downtime owing to over usage of tools or [...]

Learn how electrical wire manufacturers benefit from our system

Electrical Wire Manufacturers Use Case: Leveraging Manufacturing   Execution System (MES) to be able to bring up key metrices for management to be able to review meetings and make faster decisions. Manage to capture and analyze data from different IoT based devices on a platform and provide analytics. Customer Profile: Customer is a leading Enameled Aluminum [...]

Improving On-Time Delivery in Apparel Manufacturing

Shoe & Apparel Manufacturing Use Case: Leveraging Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to improve On-Time delivery Score and get full visibility of customer orders within the Factory. Providing Order Tracking solutions to know at what stages of different production process Customer Orders are, thereby improving On-Time delivery Score (OTD).   Customer Profile: Leading Shoe Soles manufacturer [...]

Detect Machine Downtime and Deviation from Standard Cycle time

Injection Molding Use Case: Leveraging Intelligent Monitoring System (IMS) to detect Machine Downtime and Deviation from Standard Cycle time. Productivity Monitoring using Non-Intrusive Computer Vision Aided IOT Solution. Customer Profile: Control & Switchgear – Leading Company manufacturing Plastic Components used in Electrical Industry. Presence across globe with multiple plants   Challenge: Customer needed alerts in case [...]

Real Time Analytics for spring manufacturers using IMS.

Spring Manufacturing Spring Manufacturing Case Study: Real Time Analytics for Downtime Tracking with Reasons for a Spring manufacturer using IMS.   Use Case: Downtime & Changeover tracking on Automatic Spring Manufacturing company for Coiling and Forming Machines.   Customer Profile: Spring Manufacturer in Northern India with Automatic Spring Manufacturing Machines in their plant. Multiple shift [...]