Electrical Wire Manufacturers

Use Case: Leveraging Manufacturing


Execution System (MES) to be able to bring up key metrices for management to be able to review meetings and make faster decisions. Manage to capture and analyze data from different IoT based devices on a platform and provide analytics.

Customer Profile: Customer is a leading Enameled Aluminum and Copper Wire manufacturer supplying to the Electronic, Power, Electrical and Automobile industry. Has Multiple factories across India.



  • Production is a continuous process with heavy machinery which means OEE needs to be extremely high. Tracking and analysis of OEE should be accurate and efficient
  • Power consumption is an important cost factor hence it is important to link production with power consumption for each machine
  • Wire breaks is a major source of downtime and hence it is important to identify, record and analyze the root cause of all wire breaks happening in the production process



Solution Approach: 

  • Based on discussions with ManufApp’s expert implementation team and production team including production manager, supervisors, top management of the manufacturer, it was decided to implement a Manufacturing Execution System that can glue the production processes together.
  • Customer was recording multiple aspects of the production process which required customized forms to be prepared. ManufApp, through its no code platform, created customized forms to record different levels of data at various granularities. These forms were then filled by the supervisor at the end of the shift.
  • Manufacturer implemented Energy IoT that recorded energy consumption at each level. ManufApp integrated the IOTs to enable automatic data upload of energy consumption.



  • One single dashboard where all the data and analytics were available. Production team was able to perform analysis themselves using simple dashboard
  • Review meetings that were earlier inefficient would now happen with purpose and efficiently
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