Injection Molding

Use Case: Leveraging Intelligent Monitoring System (IMS) to detect Machine Downtime and Deviation from Standard Cycle time. Productivity Monitoring using Non-Intrusive Computer Vision Aided IOT Solution.

Customer Profile: Control & Switchgear – Leading Company manufacturing Plastic Components used in Electrical Industry. Presence across globe with multiple plants



  • Customer needed alerts in case of sub-optimal machine utilization (Downtime and Changeover) and intervention in process parameters such as cycle time. Customer wanted a system that would be non-intrusive and not need a network of sensorsand associated wiring.

Solution Approach: 

  • Use of Computer Visionfor images of actual production captured by Camera
  • AI/MLdriven algorithms computing the data on Cloud based Servers or Edge Servers to churn out real time analytics and alerts.
  • Solution can detect Changeovers, Downtime, Product Count and Cycle time.
  • Dashboards created on ManufApp’s app and available on multiple devices to spot trends and access
  • Archived data.



  • No intervention with actual production.
  • Data Analysis and insights with 98-99%accuracy levels.
  • Improved Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).
  • Improved product quality and reliability.
  • All of this for no significant up-front cost.
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