Shoe & Apparel Manufacturing

Use Case: Leveraging Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to improve On-Time delivery Score and get full visibility of customer orders within the Factory. Providing Order Tracking solutions to know at what stages of different production process Customer Orders are, thereby improving On-Time delivery Score (OTD).


Customer Profile: Leading Shoe Soles manufacturer with multiple plants across India.



  • The customer needed to capture the stage of Production of their Orders. Shoe sole manufacturing is largely manual where hundreds of SKUs of different styles, sizes, colors, material etc. are manufactured. Typical manufacturing involves Molding, Trimming, Washing, Painting and Packaging. Keeping track of SKUs and customer orders across these processes is cumbersome.
  • The customer wanted to capture rejection rates at each stage for each of their multiple SKUs. This granularity was needed for better Order Management and to improve their Vendor Ratings. Existing Pen-Paper system and Excel sheets were unable to track all of this efficiently.

Solution Approach: 

  • Use of Digitization of Production Records to integrate various stages of Production.
  • Customized Digital Forms based on current Hard-Copy of forms and formats for capturing data and recording data at more granular level.
  • Dashboards created on ManufApp’s app and were available on multiple devices to spot trends and analyze historical records
  • Automatic alerts and notifications on possible delays thus prompting corrective action



  • Senior Management had better Visibility and Transparency of production processes.
  • Company improved its On-Time Delivery (OTD) Score with its customers.
  • Benchmarking “Zero” customer complaints for Delayed deliveries & Short Supply.
  • MES helps the customer to grow their business more profitably.
  • Entiresolution was deployed by ManufApp at no significant up-front cost.
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