Spring Manufacturing

Spring Manufacturing Case Study: Real Time Analytics for Downtime Tracking with Reasons for a Spring manufacturer using IMS.


Use Case:

Downtime & Changeover tracking on Automatic Spring Manufacturing company for Coiling and Forming Machines.


Customer Profile:

Spring Manufacturer in Northern India with Automatic Spring Manufacturing Machines in their plant. Multiple shift operations trying to achieve Operational Excellence




Customer has multiple Coiling and Forming machines, that forms a significant part of the process. Also customer felt that these were perhaps bottle-neck operations. As the customer manufactured different types of springs for various industrial applications, it meant quite a few changeovers and also downtimes. To better manage operations the management wanted to monitor the downtime to improve changeovers and downtime.

Solution Approach:

  • Use of Computer Visionfor images of actual production captured by CCTV Camera.
  • AI/MLdriven algorithms computing the data on Cloud based Servers or Edge Servers to churn out real time analytics and alerts.
  • Dashboards created on ManufApp’s app and available on multiple devices to spot trends and access archived data.
  • Through an app, Supervisors can now fill the downtime reasons and proper “Corrective & Preventive Action- CAPA” can be taken.



  • No intervention with actual production and also existing machineries.
  • Data Analysis and insights with 98-99%accuracy levels.
  • Heightened awareness of downtime tracking leading to significant reduction in idle time.
  • All of this for no significant up-front cost.
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