Manufapp Robust ERP allows you to have Complete Control on Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing ERP of Enterprise Resource Planning software is used to plan, manage, and execute functionalities that support manufacturers and manufacturing business operations. The latest ERP software is flexible to integrate into any business process and create a comprehensive business management platform for manufacturing companies. This manufacturing management software increases organizational efficiency by managing and improving resource utilization of the company without affecting the performance and quality of the products. This further proves effective in improving the growth and profitability of the manufacturing business. ERP software provides a manufacturing company the power to manage all vital aspects ranging from shop floor operations to supply and inventory planning. Therefore, to help the manufacturing industry we, at Manufapp, offer specifically designed ERP software for the manufacturing industry that perfectly caters to the advanced functionality for manufacturing needs. Our ERP software will integrate with the core manufacturing processes to allow complete control and visibility over a manufacturing business.


Benefits of our ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing businesses can deploy our ERP solutions that offer many valuable operational and financial benefits. Our latest, integrated manufacturing ERP system is effective at both the micro and macro levels. Some notable benefits of our ERP software for the manufacturing industry include:

  • The software leads to optimized manufacturing operations that further enhance productivity
  • Increase manufacturing efficiency by automating processes and minimizing redundancy.
  • Better customer-service
  • Inventory management and supply chain is improved
  • Departments are united and there is comparing metrics across the business
  • Can seamlessly be integrated with other software used by different functions and departments.
  • Real-time reporting of operations becomes possible with ERP software
  • The software leads to centralize operational and financial information for better visibility
  • On facing disruption in the business environment, manufacturers develop the ability to adapt.
  • Streamlines operations and provide support to manufacturers to grow the business

Different Types of ERP Software used in the Manufacturing Industry

Different types of ERP systems are available today to cater to the needs of a manufacturing company based on their size and functionality. The best manufacturing ERP solution is the one that supports adaptive manufacturing enterprises and can adapt to change and thus provides a competitive advantage to the business.

On-premise ERP Software – This type of manufacturing ERP software on implementation needs support, control, and ownership of the system, including the risk and cost associated with managing hardware and system infrastructure for manufacturers.

Cloud-Based ERP Software – Manufacturers having this type of software have a flexible yet comprehensive system with consistent updates, support, training, and even customization option.

Hybrid ERP – Deploying a hybrid ERP provides manufacturers with a combination of on-premise and cloud-based hosting and deployment services. This system provides users the flexibility to migrate between delivery models or integrate benefits that do not come with the current implementations.

Signs that your Manufacturing Businesses need Manufapp ERP Software

Unable to answer critical business questions

Manufacturing businesses at times find it tough to answer critical business questions like how business is performing with segregated systems or revenue per product line. Thus, our manufacturing ERP system will provide real-time metrics and KPIs so that manufacturing businesses are quick to achieve business insights.

Review Meetings and Taking Decisions

Management is overloaded with raw data and getting insights out of the data becomes cumbersome. Thereby there aren’t enough data backed decisions in meetings and hence no productive outcomes for the business. Our system creates customizable dashboards from the raw data and gives insights on a click of a button.

Difficulty in managing business processes

Manufacturing businesses find challenges in managing inventory, retaining customers, or reducing operating costs, primarily because of inefficient business processes. Our manufacturing ERP system will help manufacturers gain control over their processes and adopt best practices to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

Manufacturing businesses spend too much time on mundane activities

Employees in the manufacturing sector spend too much time managing major business activities using multiple software applications. Manufacturing ERP system will integrate data and operations into one system for better efficiencies and enhanced communication. The common interface and automation reduce redundancies, improve workflow and eliminate errors.

Different software for every department

When every department of the manufacturing business uses different software for managing processes then it can lead to a breakdown in communication and duplicate entry of data. Thus, to get rid of this problem manufacturing businesses can use an ERP system with which data will flow between departments to break down silos. Data will be entered only once and will hence lead to greater accuracy and better decision-making.

Problem in identifying or acting on new opportunities

Manufacturing businesses that do not have optimized organizational operations spend a great amount of time in running and managing their business and fail to identify new opportunities. With disparate systems, businesses find difficulty in recognizing new opportunities and due to inefficiencies, they fail to act on them. However, with advanced ERP solutions businesses can easily identify and work on ways to increase revenue.

ERP Solutions for Every Type of Manufacturing Businesses

Our manufacturing ERP is specially designed software that caters to the requirements of all sizes of manufacturing businesses. ERP with industry-specific features is required by the manufacturing businesses to manage, automate, track, and connect dynamic manufacturing processes, right from receiving the customer order to the shipment and delivery of the order. ERP software is used by small manufacturers, mid-size manufacturers, and even large manufacturers.

  • ERP for small business eliminates the multiple tools requirement and provide a single system that works across the enterprise. ERP for small businesses provides an end-to-end solution with the best processes to manage business complexities.
  • ERP software for mid-sized businesses comes with built-in analytics, rapid deployment, and best practices for diverse business processes supply-chain management, financials, HR, production, accounting, and more.
  • ERP software for large businesses is robust and cutting-edge having embedded machine learning, AI, and analytics and requires a platform to support intelligent automation to transform processes.