Intelligent Monitoring System

Control & Manage your Manufacturing Operations Better with the Intelligent Monitoring System by Manufapp. Our AI and Ml driven algorithms provide “Real Time” and correct machine data. This granular data enables “Key Decision Makers” to discover areas where they are losing on productivity and in turn better manage their factories. Through Manufapp’s Intelligent Monitoring System one can:

  • Monitor Machine Utilization
  • Observe Cycle time and Deviations
  • Get Alerts in case of Machine Outages
  • Keep a close watch on “Changeovers” b/w shifts or change in job-work
  • Track Worker efficiency during shifts.

How it works


Real time Monitoring through App

Worker Wise Efficiency

Get Machine KPIs

Detect human activity anytime

Set alerts for key thresholds

Configurable Reports

Single App for multiple sites

Integrate with IOT sensors

Works with any machine with visible motion

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for making your Manufacturing Intelligent

Industries where it is being used

Manufapp's Intelligent Monitoring can be used across any industry where cyclic or to and fro motion of machines can be monitored

Fan Manufacturing

Copper / Aluminum / Steel Wire Manufacturing

Electric & Switch Gear manufacturing


We are happy to talk and answer your queries. In the meantime, you may get answers to some queries below

What is Video Analytics for manufacturing Industries?

Video Analytics is Manufacturing industries helps with 24*7 real-time monitoring and analysis.

What do you mean by Real time and how does it help?

Real time data is the data which is shared and used right after it was generated. The lag between the usage of the data and generation of it, is minimum and helps take action in appropriate time.

Do I need to provide lighting for the site at night?

IMS takes input from your camera feed, the model maintains its accuracy of prediction even in low light conditions as it adapts automatically to varying lighting and weather conditions.

Can it be integrated with our current CCTV and Video monitoring system setup?

Yes, IMS can be seamlessly integrated with most of the setups.

Is it deployed on cloud, edge or premise?

It provides flexible deployment options. It can be deployed both on edge and cloud environments.

How much time does the installation/deployment take?

It gets up and running in 10-15 weeks post configuration.

Can I set different alerts/reports based on my use cases ?

The model detects the incident in real-time and the user/supervisor is notified instantly.

How will I be notified?

You’ll be notified with a dashboard alert, message and mail. Other sources can also be integrated for notifications according to your convenience.

Can I search for analytics within a particular date range?

Yes, it provides advanced filtering options to narrow down the search by day, date, site,Machine, zone, etc.

Do I get daily/weekly/monthly analytics reports?

Yes, it generates consolidated analytical reports across various plants, sites and zones at any desired time.

Can we customize the system for different use cases

Yes, IMS is a highly configurable product and can be configured according to the use case. Some example are calculating cycle time, machine utilization, employee efficiency

What is the accuracy rate of the model?

The existing model produces an accuracy of about 100%